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A complimentary mini-course to introduce The Brand X Method philosophy and developmentally aligned framework for optimal youth athletic development. It includes a brief overview of Brand X’s history; an introduction to age groupings based on physiological expression; movement videos on how to teach, cue, and correct the hinge and deadlift with children; relevant research papers; and business basics, all drawn from our extensive Professional Youth Coach Certification content.

Learning Objectives

· Learn Brand X history and program objectives for optimal athletic development.

· Understand the basics of the Brand X Explore ● Express ● Excel developmentally appropriate framework.

· Grasp the Brand X progression, beginning with teaching and embedding a movement skill through application in a developmentally appropriate and stepwise way, using the deadlift.

· Review research relevant to programming for children.

· Receive business information intended to help you professionalize your passion for youth fitness coaching, plus a youth-specific business FAQ.

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Youth Trainer Toolkit

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